Empire Zoysia

Empire Zoysia is a new selection from a native cultivar of Zoysia Japonica found in Brazil. The thick deep green blanket of turf makes a striking appearance that performs well in sandy soils with aggressive growth from its runners and rhizomes. It can be mowed with a standard rotary mower and requires less maintenance than other grasses. It has natural chinch bug resistance and dormancy mechanism to survive drought conditions and water restrictions. Empire meets the "Green Building" standards that allow Florida builders to receive Green Home certification.

Seasonal Maintenance Video

Floratam St. Augustine

Floratam is one of the most common and vigorous St. Augustine turf grass cultivars used in Florida. Floratam thrives under a wide range of soil and environmental conditions found in Florida. It has a high salt tolerance and performs best in full sun. The dark blue-green hue and long wide leaf blades provides a thick lush appearance to make a beautiful lawn.

Seville St. Augustine

Seville is a cultivar of St. Augustine grass that is semi-dwarf with a dark blue-green color and low growth habit. Seville is one of the best shade tolerant grasses on the market. It requires less frequent mowing than other cultivars and is salt and drought tolerant.